Skill set


Master of science in Enginering Specialization: Interaction design

Degree of bachelor of science Specialization: computing science

UX & UI design

User experience design is my passion! There is nothing more heartbreaking than a poorly designed interface. Both when it comes to the interaction as well as the visuals and aesthetics.


Many designers end up being just that, a designer. Being able to implement my designs through code, mainly Frontend Development, is something I am very proud of!

Product development

Rapid prototyping and product development is something i love doing! I frequently use laser cutting and 3D printing technology in my work. Be sure to check out some of my stuff further down!

image of Simon Ekdahl

Some of the things I do

  • UX / UI Design
  • Graphical Design
  • Product development
  • Digital media production
  • User research
  • Usability testing
  • Brand identity
  • Marketing & Bussiness strategy

About me

My name is Simon Ekdahl and I’m a Maker.

I live i Sundsvall – Sweden, where I’m currently working as Lead Experience Designer at VOYD .
I’m thirty something years young, I love smart ideas, practical solutions and tech of all kinds. I’m also a big fan of nature and I love to go mountain biking or fishing when I get some time over!
I grew up in Sundsvall where I have spent most part of my life. I started working right after finishing high school, since then I’ve been working my way through the retail business gaining much valuable experience about things like customer relations and sales. I’ve also worked in logistics and as a mechanic in our neighboring country Norway for a few seasons.
After five years of working hard, I felt that I wanted more for myself and I decided to move to Umeå, go back to school and higher education.

~ This was back in 2013 ~

Since then I have started up my own business Baitbox , been part time volunteering at the maker space FabLab in Umeå, I have reached one million views on YouTube (Yes I’m also a film maker), and then after 4,5 years at UMEÅ university I got both my Degree of Master of Science in Engineering with the specialization on Interaction technology and design as well as a bachelor degree in computing science.

Short story of my life !

If you want to know more about me and the things I do, be sure to check out my Portfolio, Linked In, YouTube or just send me an email !

My Brands

Here are some of the brands and companies that I have founded throughout the years

Baitbox logo


I started Baitbox back in 2010 as a hobby project. In 2016 I managed to turn Baitbox into a profitable bussiness. One part of the company is digital video production for YouTube, another part of the company is manufacturing and selling outdoor equipment.

ytspanning logo


Ytspänning is a brand thats part of the Baitbox family. Ytspänning focuses on sustainability, the beauty of nature and it's untamed forces. "Ytspänning" is the Swedish word for surface tension.

bomben logo


Bomben is the name of the very popular fishing lure I have designed and developed for trout fishing. Bomben was mentioned as to be Swedens most wanted lure in 2018 by Fiskejournalen, one of the largest fishing magazines in the country.


Here you can see some of the projects I have done on my spare time over the years

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I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Phone +46 737802880